Alzen Enterprises Inc. was established in Salt Lake City, UT in 2018.

After many years of driving in all 48 states E. Zendejas decides to venture again and with one truck starts his company offering truckload service in the Western States.

With the addition of two more company trucks in early 2019 by the summer, he hires the first owner-operator from Texas and the company begins operating in the Midwest.

2020 was an exceptional year, full of challenges for every soul on earth, the novel coronavirus is raging across the globe and in the United States we are hit extremely hard, companies big and small close their doors forever. We are blessed to stay in business and in November of 2020 Tim Flanagan finds Alzen Enterprises and joins our team, he has found a home and becomes an Ambassador for Alzen Enterprises.

2021 we began operations in all 48 states. We are growing and our story continues. Be Part of our story!

Meet the Team

"I started as a driver in 2017.
Trucking has given me an opportunity to financially grow. Now as a managing member of Alzen Enterprises, I am able to see a different aspect of the transportation industry. I know how challenging trucking can be as well as successful and enjoyable if we have the right family members in our team."
Rocio Zendejas
Safety Director
"I would love to be able to see what Alzen Enterprises accomplishes 100 years from now. I believe our company will be here, we will have to evolve and reinvent ourselves and we may not even be what we are now but as long we think of us as ONE, we will achieve success. Let honesty be our foundation on which we are to build a trusted relationship for everyone we come in contact with"
Enrique Zendejas
"Treat your truck like part of your body, if you don’t take care of you will find yourself on the side of the road wishing that you made the daily trip inspection or preventive truck maintenance that you missed."
Richard Zendejas
Maintenance Department

Leading into the future by focusing first on...

Customer Satisfaction

Driver Excellence

Safety Performance

We are a company with values, not to brag but integrity is our thing.

Doing the right thing is important so we made it an official company value, and with each team member guided by a strong sense of ethical, safe, and responsible behavior , we are positioning our company for leadership in the industry

Simply put, we are a family

We want to see all of drivers and contractors succeed. Our family is growing and we hope to see you onboard, treating every individual with respect and thoughtfulness Alzen Enterprises is a staple in the trucking and logistics industry